Rustlers try to figure out being in the classroom while social distancing 

Taylor Kolsch, Intro to Journalism Writer

Trying to figure out school while social distancing is a tough situation for junior Gabbie Stull.

“I find it stressful not to be able to ask a question as easily as I would in the classroom,” Stull said. In the middle of March, schools around Montana were shut down, and many  students were stuck doing online school. 

Being at home and not being able to go out is hard for Stull. 

Along with other CMR students, Stull has tried to find the pro’s in this crazy situation.

“The nicest thing about not having school is by far getting to sleep in and stay up late without feeling bad about it,” she said. Being at home, Stull is definitely trying to get used to being with her family every day all day. She said that her sister is the most annoying one in her family. However, most of the time she spends watching Netflix or scrolling through Tik Tok. 

Junior Jaxon Gronning also spends his time scrolling through Tik Tok.

“Tik Tok is my best friend. I would say that I watch it for two or more hours,” Gronning said. For Gronning, staying at home is boring. He said that he sits in his room and eats Goldfish crackers all day. Not having practice lowers his drive to work.

“The worst thing about this situation is not being able to practice,” he said. Gronning even had a plan for spring break to travel to California for a swim meet.  Not practicing, Gronning spends his time doing dryland workouts in place of time in the water.

Another athlete having a hard time is freshman Kacey Christensen.

“Not having soccer or basketball practice sucks. That is the main place where I see my friends,” Christensen said. Having to run and work out at home is something she easily adapted to. Another thing she has adapted to is having to stay at home with her sister and her mom.

“Having my mom as a teacher is really helpful because she is able to help me with my school work,”she said.