Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Review

Peyton Fullbright, Stampede Writer

Coming off a hiatus and a change in guitarist, many fans wondered if the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be able to keep the success of recent albums flowing with a new release.

                “I’m With You” won’t go down in history as the finest moment in the career of the Chili Peppers, but it’s still a quality release.

                The album starts off better than it ends. The first tracks, “Monarchy of Roses,” “Factory of Faith,” and “Ethiopia” are great songs to open with.

“Brendan’s Death Song” is something a different for the band. While it is uncharted territory for them, it’s not a stretch. It’s still in line with something they would release.

“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” was the first single released from the album. While not the best choice for a single, it’s still a stellar song.

Halfway through the album, the quality of the songs goes downhill. While the first half is  upbeat, the second half toes the edge on boring.  Only one song on the second half is remarkable, or even decent. “Even You Brutus?” is that one groundbreaking song.

I would go so far to say that “Even You Brutus?” is the greatest song they have ever released. It just has that vibe to it that makes you feel like something special is going on when you listen to it.

One common theme for the Chili Peppers is still present, just like on all 10 albums: their bassist, Flea. Flea is known for his bass playing ability. His slap bass is legendary. Due to slap bass being out of place on this album, there are just some funky bass lines.

                So all in all, “I’m With You” isn’t anything special for the band, but still contains some songs that fans will remember.