Jordan Kemp, Guest Writer


It’s on season five and going strong, hands down the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” is da bomb.  For someone who is a nerd and needs somebody to relate to and want a really good laugh, this is most definitely the show for you.  There are four main nerds that you can bond and relate with that keep you giggling the whole time, and I love every one of them!

Sheldon is the ultimate nerd who is so socially awkward and crazy that he is probably the best.  Raj is the ethnic spice that comes from tropical India and can’t talk to women, and Howard his dynamic duo thinks he has society and women down to a T but really has nothing figured out and oblivious to it.

Leonard is probably the most normal one who knows how to function with other people and actually gets the pretty girl from across the hall. Penny is your everyday working girl that somehow ended up being friends with a herd of nerds and actually dates one.

“The Big Bang Theory” knows how to keep you laughing and interested and wanting more. From socially awkward dates to every comic convention, you can’t help but fall in love with these adorable nerds and Penny. Not only that but it is a very educational show, like when Sheldon spits out his random facts that zest up the show. So not only can you laugh until you cry but you can also leave knowing more about the world than you did before.