Thunder Hill roars in Great Falls

Jennifer Irwin, Guest Writer

Did you just see that?

Number93 just went into the wall. Going four wide to cross the finish line. Ending the race, number 93 — Clay Irwin — flips three times over the finish line. A good way to finish a race, right? Yes for some people the wrecks are all they come to watch, but for Clay it was not the way he wanted to finish the race.

 I die for entertainment like this. Every year for five months of my life I spend every Friday and Saturday watching and helping down in the pits. Ever since I was six years old I’ve been so interested in racing and accidents.  The fast tire changes between the race just two laps to change a tire or any other work on the race cars.

I love being under pressure when it comes to my dream and helping my uncle and his friends. Every since I was involved in these races I’ve wanted to get my own and get out there and beat everyone on the track —  especially my uncle. Being related to someone who races is not always about happy endings. Every time there is an accident you worry that it wasn’t them, and if it was you wonder if they are OK. I’ve had good and bad experiences with being at the race track, but most of all it’s a good outcome.

Yes, the cars may be loud, but they are always fun to watch. It’s called Thunder Hill for a reason. Even if my uncle is not racing I still go and watch the races. I do not know what I would do if I did not have a race track close to me. We are one of the lucky towns to have such an amazing, entertaining experience here.