World War Z

Joey Serido, staff writer

“World War Z”, a book by Max Brooks, evoked stirring images in my mind of the U.S. Army retreating from The Ardennes forest in Eastern France after the Germans attacked in World War II.

The title comes from the author writing a report about everyone from survivors of the apocalypse to the chairwoman of the United Nations. Brooks got into a heated discussion with her about keeping the human side to the story so she told him to go and write his own book about it.

Throughout the book, Brooks shares stories from the people he interviewed such as a former Iranian Air Force officer who discussed the nuclear war between Iran and Pakistan. Another story he shares is the point of view of a U.S. Army soldier who was involved in the catastrophic defeat suffered by the Army in the depressed New York suburb of Yonkers. These are only a small number of the stories he shares throughout the novel. This is one of my favorite parts of the novel.

 His writing style is unique in the aspect of how Brooks wrote it. It’s written in a style that was similar to that of a journalist traveling across the world interviewing those that survived the war. The style made it difficult to put the book down. Also, Brooks made references to many of the events that have occurred in today’s world so it made the story seem like it actually happened.

I would recommend this to anybody who wants a good horror story or even a good story of humanity uniting to overcome a single obstacle. I personally have read this book eight times.

 “World War Z” by Max Brooks. 342 pages.  Recommended for those 16 and above.