New horror flick frightens Stampede staffer

Zach Pottratz, Layout Editor

Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night, your brother is standing in the corner, staring, and you happen to be floating above your bed. Cool right? Not really. But that’s exactly what happens in the world of Paranormal Activity 4.

Before seeing this movie, I thought it would be like the first three. Nothing really happens, excluding creepy shadows, and cats jumping in front of the camera, until the last 15 minutes, which is what I hate about the series.

But, this installment had its ups too. Compared to the other movies in the series, I found it to be better in the whole horror field. While I was leaving the theater I was generally creeped out. On the drive home I was worried that I would look in my rearview mirror and see some person chasing me down the road.

The acting in this movie was very good, granted it’s supposed to be a “found footage” style film, but the people seemed very into it, which is something you don’t see a lot of nowadays.

Now, the horror aspect of the movie was very good compared to the other movies in the series, but compared to some of the classic horror movies (e.g. “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or, the new hit, “Sinister”) it was lacking in some areas. For example, the typical ‘something jumps in front of the camera really suddenly’ deal is WAY overused in these movies.

But what gets me worked up the most is how all the action doesn’t happen until the last 15 minutes of the movie, it’s like an aftertaste, that while it tastes good for a while, it just kind of dissipates.

All in all, this movie was good; it wasn’t the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but I would suggest going to see it with someone, maybe your significant other, or maybe just a group of friends, but this movie is an all-around pretty good movie, and I would definitely recommend it.