Must see movies of the summer

Whisper Harris, Design Editor

There are many films opening this summer and, here are a few that you can check out. 

After Earth

May 31

Stranded on Earth a thousand years after humanity has left, Kitai Raige, (Jaden Smith), who after his father Cypher, (played by his real life father Will Smith) is injured must journey to find help. This action and sci-fi combo has much anticipation and is sure to not disappoint.  

Man of Steel

June 14

“Man of Steel” will be the reboot of the Superman series. In this film we will learn Superman’s origin story. Henry Cavill will be playing Superman, a young journalist who must confront his heritage when Earth is invaded. This film is sure to excite DC fans who are awaiting its release. 

World War Z

June 21

Brad Pitt stars as United Nations employee Gary Lane. He travels the world in order to stop a zombie pandemic from destroying the human race. This movie has a lot of hype around it and many are anticipating its opening.

The Lone Ranger

July 3

Johnny Depp plays Tonto, an Indian warrior recounting the untold stories about John Reid and how he became a legend of justice. This thrilling adventure is filled with both action and humor, and will excite fans of Depp.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

August 21

Based on the book by Cassandra Clare, 15- year- old Clary Fray (played by Lilly Collins) finds out about her heritage as a shadowhunter. Fray tumbles into the supernatural world after her mother is taken by a demon, and she must find the Mortal Cup in order to free her.  Clary must make decisions harder than ever before finding love, friends, and enemies on her journey. Readers have been awaiting the release of this movie, it is sure to be a hit.