Netflix: ruining after life’s since 1997

For months there has been one thing consuming my thoughts, one thing keeping me away from getting the hundred percent on my chemistry test that I so obviously deserve. That one thing instead decides to keep me up all night as well as keep me from revealing my hidden abs. That one thing is Netflix.

Both a blessing and a curse all in one, Netflix offers a fair portion of TV shows and movies that I have always wanted to watch, which means one thing. I am not going to be able to get anything done until I get through Freaks and Geeks and catch up on Nikita.

While I do enjoy Netflix for what it has to offer entertainment wise, it does make me wonder how many of a high school student’s sleepless nights are spent on this and other websites rather than homework.  And even though I do believe Netflix is worth the money you spend on it, how much money we are going to spend distracting ourselves from the more important things. From getting off the couch, from studying, from having the social interactions so many of us ignore the need for.

I might enjoy watching the 80’s movies that were more than a decade before my time. I might enjoy the nostalgic moment I get from watching The Little Mermaid. But instead of living in the past through rom coms and movies in which tea kettles talk, perhaps we should see the bigger picture, remove ourselves from in front of the screen after the eleventh strait our of How I Met Your Mother and actually see what is going on around us.