Loving the band “Daughter”

Every now and then I need to cry with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s in my hand. It’s part of being a hormonal teenage girl. But some days it’s so bad that not even the indie folk revival station on Pandora helps.
It was on one of these days that I discovered “Daughter,” a North London band that was featured in my favorite book’s movie counterpart, “How I Live Now”.
Since then I have left my craving of chocolate behind for my new desire for songs by “Daughter”. Although many of their EP’s and their album are not available in any known Great Falls location, the songs on ITunes have sustained this need.
The band’s songs are sorrowful, thought provoking, and overall enjoyable; especially “Home” from their EP, “Wild Youth”. Although every now and then they have a song that isn’t as amazing, the idea makes up for the slight lack of their catchiness.
“Daughter’s” mournful lyrics have been making girls (and men alike) cry since they first formed, causing the hormonal issues to be satisfied and a great depression in the Nickolas Sparks movie and book industry.