For the love of Beatles

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, and North West. Everybody knows who they are but when Sir Paul McCartney performs a song with Kanye West everybody believes that he is a new singer and that his career is going to go through the roof. But does anybody remember that little British invasion that happened in the 1960s called the Beatles? I do. I remember “The Yellow Submarine,” “Here Comes the Sun,” and many more classic songs released by the Fab Four.
I also remember that there are two living Beatle members left, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. Many people apparently have not heard of the Beatles and what they brought to the music scene decades ago. If I had a choice, all the music today would be like the Beatles, with their slightly deep meaning songs that are about more than drugs and sex.
I want to hear music that has deep meaning, like their song “Help,” which is all about how you would help your friends no matter the when or how. In my music taste, I would rather have more Beatles than Kanye West; I like rap but I see some of it being highly offensive, and the Beatles are more classic in the rock ‘n’ roll scene.
Let’s see if there can be more Sir Paul McCartney in the world and a little less of the pop scene. A little more class and a little less trash.