A work in progress

YouTubers. A word growing more and more common in households everywhere simply because a few people on earth are really, really good at talking about themselves into a camera. So, naturally when I found out that a bunch of them had started writing books I was a bit, let’s say, apprehensive.
In early march one of my favorite YouTubers, Connor Franta, announced that he had written a book, a memoir, entitled A Work in Progress. I wasn’t too thrilled to hear about it considering in the past year other YouTubers have released books that were, well, less than wonderful. But, despite that, I figured that I can’t judge a book by its cover (even though it is pretty.)
I finished the book in one sitting having thoroughly enjoyed it. It was surprisingly well-written and put together. There was a perfect amount of childhood anecdotes and stories weaved into the life advice, and I even found myself close to tears at some of the memories Franta had put in. I rarely get emotional over books so to say that he had me almost crying really shows something.
Alongside the almost-tears he had me in stitches from laughing at some points, simply because I could see the personality he shows in his videos in the writing. It really showed that he wrote the book, that he put his time and effort into it. So many YouTubers have been writing books simply for publicity and money, but Franta really seemed to be doing it because he enjoys it. And the advice he gave was actually extremely helpful. Life is short, enjoy more sunsets, take more chances, regret less, all that jazz; and I intend to follow it.
He also put in a lot of his photos from his Instagram and they were all very pretty. I don’t believe anyone should be able to throw a few filters on a phot and give it some fancy lighting and call themselves a photographer, but I have to admit that Franta is pretty skilled with a camera.
So, while I was a bit nervous at first, the book was definitely well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a new book to read, or even something to fill up their spare time. It’s definitely worth a read. Or two.