Drama department supported through costume design


Katelyn Morley and Gabby Pope, News Editor and Staff Writer

As an actor in the CMR drama department walks on stage, junior Echo Sundstrom admires the work that he has done for the costume design.


“I greatly appreciate the drama department and theater in general, but I’m not that good of an actor. So I decided to use my other talents to help out while also still pursuing sewing as an interest,” he said. Designing costumes for drama productions is a great way that Sundstrom gets to make his contributions to a department that he admires.


Since taking the Design class in the Family & Consumer Sciences department, Sundstrom has created costumes for the drama department whenever they are in need. He doesn’t do it alone, however. He has had guidance from teacher Pam Dougherty, and he also said that Lesli Evans shares her sewing knowledge.


His responsibilities include decision making for the costumes, deciding on what the characters will be wearing, the occasional costume repair and making anything that is not in the costume cage, Sundstrom said.


“My favorite part is being able to see my costumes on stage, like being filled with the satisfaction of knowing that I made that and now it’s on stage. It’s a really good feeling,” he said.


Sundstrom said he wants to pursue costume design in the future, but that isn’t without a doubt.


“It’s my current decision, but it will probably change, because it always changes,” he said.