Editor reflects on the importance of entertainment news

Quinn Soltesz, Entertainment/Features Editor

Great Falls, Montana is not the most exciting place in the world. I doubt it can even be called the most exciting place in Montana. I am not attempting to deride the town that I have lived in my entire life. I am just voicing an opinion that I suspect is shared by the majority of the student body. This opinion and the similar one that “Great Falls has nothing to do” are not completely inaccurate. It is often very difficult to find things, especially during the summer, to do in our town that suit the needs of teenagers. Unfortunately, I doubt that this will change any time soon. Because of this lack of enrichment for the high school population, kids often turn to popular media and entertainment such as television, movies, and music. I am one of those kids.
Pop culture and entertainment are a vital resource for people experiencing their teenage years. These mediums offer no judgment and can greatly help young adults develop their interests and understand their experience.
News about pop culture and entertainment is often not seen as “important” or “warranting any attention.” I strongly disagree with these statements. While I completely understand that entertainment is not as consequential to readers as hard news, it is just as important. Entertainment news provides an outlet for teenagers and adults alike to find their passions. Not everyone finds pleasure in reading about the often harsh realities of the world around us. People look to other things to find shelter and relaxation from a chaotic life.
These two needs, a desire for recreation in our town and a larger desire for refuge from a demanding existence, are why entertainment news stories are so important. The Stampede is a rare thing in that it can showcase the school and its offerings as well as offering insight into the more widespread means of entertainment.
As sections in the Stampede, Features and Entertainment are the primary reporters on these two means of enjoyment. These portions of the paper are meant to give readers suggestions for things that may bring them satisfaction. It is my goal this year as a writer for these sections to give our student body these types of suggestions.