New guitar classes offers Rustlers chance to strum, compose, perform

Lindsey Buck, Staff Writer

Many students dream of becoming rock stars, and thanks to a new class at CMR this year, junior Chance Howell is one step closer to pursuing that dream.
The guitar class, just added to the CMR curriculum this year, has given many students the opportunity to learn guitar or enhance their previous guitar skills.
“I see kids improving each day, and I’ve actually written a song based on what I’ve been taught,” Howell said.  The guitar class is being taught during fifth, sixth, and seventh periods by music teacher Mike Smith.  It will be available all year long, and guitars will be provided for the students taking the class.
“We learn guitar songs, and it’s cooperative. We get involved a lot,” Howell said.
During the time spent in class, students will be learning a variety of skills.
“We’re learning how to read notes, and we’re learning a couple different songs,” junior Brytan Chibante said.
Chibante said the hardest part about the class is learning to read music. However, she said she feels that students are picking up this skill quickly.
Smith said the program was added because many students weren’t previously involved in music classes, and wanted a guitar program at CMR. Smith learned to play guitar from his father, and he said he is enjoying teaching the class.
Smith has great plans for his students this year. No concerts have been planned yet; however, Smith would like to change that.
“I would like to get a performance, at the end of the year sometime, that is all guitar students,” Smith said. Smith wants more students to get involved in music classes.
“Hopefully this is something they’ll take with them and use forever.”