Freshman celebrates Mexico traditions

When freshman Ciaali Islas sees a crosswalk she is reminded of her heritage and her home.

“Crosswalks remind me of Mexico because me and my dad used to race each other across the street, just like the crosswalk sign timer,” Islas said.

Islas was born in San Diego, Calif., but when she was an infant she moved back to Mexico and lived there until the age of four. Islas is now almost 16 and attends C.M. Russell High School, but the Spanish traditions she carries with her will never leave.

“The one thing I miss mostly about Mexico is the dancing,” Islas said. “It’s all day and it’s all night.”

There are many things Islas misses about Mexico, but the three main things that stand out are the tradition, the weather, and the food. Her two favorite Spanish dishes are pozole, a soup that can be made with many kinds of meat and white hominy; and ceviche, shrimp stirred with salty juicy lemon, pepper, salt and cilantro.

Another thing Islas said she misses is the homemade crafts that are often made to sell, treasure or show off to others. She believes that this is one tradition that should be integrated more in the United States. To Islas, seeing handmade crafts seems like another old and personal tradition.

“I want to spread these traditions with my children,” Islas said.

She has always felt deeply connected to her Spanish traditions and would someday like to return to be closer to her roots and her family. Not only does Islas want to spread these traditions with her children but many other people as well.

She said she wants to help people understand Spanish traditions because it’s part of a key to understanding the world.