Patti Ashmore retires after 15 years of counseling

Patti Ashmore, who has been a counselor at C.M.Russell High School for 15 years, is saying goodbye to CMR at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, and with that, she leaves behind a huge part of her life and something she loves.

When retired, Ashmore says traveling will be a huge part of her plans.

“I plan to travel a lot,” Ashmore said.  She has rented a house in Phoenix and for six weeks in the winter she plans to travel there and spend time with her children.

“I imagine retirement being less stressful and laid back,” Ashmore said.  She will be doing things that she likes to do with her large amount of free time.

“I like to read and kayak in my free time,” Ashmore said.

She said if she were to miss anything at CMR, she’ll miss the energy of the kids the most.

“I’ll miss the kids and my colleagues, but mostly the kids. I love doing my job,” she said.