Jennifer Packer to leave CMR

Sitting behind a desk can be dull compared to the excitement of working with students up close and personal. For associate coordinator of special education, Jennifer Packer, this desire has been a part of her decision to leave.

“I will be getting back to teaching kids in the class,” said Packer.

Packer, who has worked at C.M. Russell High School since 2001, will no longer be working in the special education program. Instead she will be moving on to work at North Middle School as a teacher in the special education rooms. Her responsibilities will be placed in the capable hands of the associate principals at CMR. Although it is said for her, Packer said that she is looking forward to working with the students in the classroom setting.

“It [will] allow me to work with all the kids with IEPs and not just a select few,” she said.

Packer will be working with the Individualized Education Program for students instead of just in the office. She will be given the opportunity to go back to teaching. Although the goodbye may be bittersweet with leaving a place that contains what one may consider family, Packer is looking forward to the experience.

“I will really miss the faculty and the teachers. This is the best place I’ve ever worked,” said Packer.


photo by Tom Gruner
photo by Tom Gruner