Carr struggles with military life

Florida, Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Great Falls. Sophomore Aliana Carr has lived all kinds of lifestyles from the big city to the Rocky Mountains.
“It’s been hard. I love being able to meet all different kinds of people and see their cultures but I hate not being able to keep friends for very long,” Carr said.
Carr’s parents have both been in the Air Force for nearly 20 years, Carr does not plan on continuing the tradition.
“Heck no, no way I’ll go into the military. It’s just not my type of lifestyle, I want to be able to truly have a home and make sure my kids have somewhere they can call home,” she said.
Carr used to play sports to cope with some of the troubles before suffering an injury.
“I tried to make friends as best I could, and sports was a great way to do that. I liked to play soccer and run in track until I got hurt and couldn’t play anymore. Now I just try to have fun with friends and try new things. It’s hard to have military friends because they are gone so quickly.”