Freshman kicks off her year with a bang

Freshman Abby Shearer finished her first year at CMR with a bang.
“[It was] a very interesting year,” Shearer said.

Shearer said that if she could change one thing in the entire school it would be to get rid of all the disrespectful people.

Her favorite teacher happens to be Mike Beck, a freshman science teacher, because he had so much energy when he spoke to his class.

“Mr. Beck is the greatest science teacher ever,” Shearer said.

Shearer said that she hated all of the high school drama because somehow it involved her when it originally didn’t.

“This year went by so fast, but it was fun,” Shearer said. “Everyone tried to make it fun.”

Her goal next year is to try to be involved in activities such as sports.

There was no worst class she was in because all of her teachers tried to make it fun, she said.

Shearer says that the most difficult thing this year was figuring out who to trust because everyone has been lying to her.

Shearer travels to school by the bus each day.

“This was just a lot of fun.”