Senior Sage Sundstorm says sayonara

After four years of learning, growing, and bonding with her peers, senior Sage Sundstorm must say farewell.

“Whether it’s teachers or other students, I have made lifelong friends in my time at CMR,” Sundstorm said.

Being a Rustler means more than just being students. It means coming together as one when needed. This is something Sundstorm will miss more than anything.

She said that the family aspect of everything when they all pulled together to be one Rustler family and not just students.

Sundstorm found support throughout high school in her Rustler family.

“Even at my worst I was never alone in anything. Somebody always had my back,” Sundstorm said.

During her time at CMR, Sundstorm learned valuable life lessons, and she is confident they will help her throughout her life.

“I’m such a great person now and I’ve learned to be that by the amazing role models I was given throughout high school,” she said.

The people, support, and atmosphere at CMR makes high school an unforgettable experience. Sunstorm’s found over the years her favorite part was her entire senior year.

“It was like, oh, this is my last Homecoming and my last prom, and my last football game. It just made me appreciate everything more my senior year knowing it was my last of, well, everything,” Sundstorm said.

Although amazing memories were made within the walls of CMR, Sundstorm must say farewell and continue on her journey. She now has a full-time job, and within the next two years she plans to further her education at Great Falls College-MSU.