Christine Perkins moves into a counseling position


Most people can’t move on from a four-year job and say they don’t miss it at all, but for C.M. Russell counselor Christine Perkins that’s no problem.

“I don’t miss it at all. I’m thrilled to be here,” she said.

Perkins was the Pathways advisor, also known as the high school career coach, at Great Falls College MSU for four years. She was an employee of GF MSU, but she mainly worked with students at CMR, and she said she doesn’t miss her old job at all.

She said she loves that CMR is like a giant family, and she’s fortunate to like her new position.

“There was a slight learning curve with the scheduling. I’m still working through it. The first few days were crazy, but I’m sure I will continue to love my job.”

Perkins is the counselor for students with last names A-C.