Brought to light: The unsung heroes of the drama department

The position of lighting designer and operator isn’t something typically thought of when thinking of the glamour of the stage; however, it is one of the most important behind-the-scenes jobs in the drama department.


Junior Nick Skovron and his “protege,” freshman Tristan Olson, hold the positions of lighting designer and operator, respectively, in the drama department. Skovron said he’s taken part in stagecraft as a lighting designer for two years, and has only recently gotten Olson into the spotlight of lighting managing.

“Adam Wood made me take interest. He was the lighting director and he kind of recruited me,” Skovron said. “It’s a pretty good gig. [Tristan] sort of took over as my protege. I’m the lighting director [now], and he’s the operator.”


Skovron and Olson explained the somewhat meticulous role of managing the lighting.


“We give the silent, dramatic effect that the actors can act in,” Olson explained. “If [our director] says he wants a shadow on a tree, it’s our job to give the tree a shadow. We make everything look better.”


Both boys agreed that it’s an important and integral role in the department.


“The reason I really like it and will probably keep pursuing it is you’re always really respected. It’s something that’s not noticed, but everyone appreciates it,” Olson said.
“And it’s worth it, getting to see your names on the credits and getting the kind of respect that we do,” Skovron added. “It’s like you’re the unsung hero of the department.”