Students express themselves in shop class


Being the only girl in woods 1-2 has been an experience that senior Kendra Sherrer wouldn’t get to experience in a normal classroom.   

“It is different than an average classroom environment,” Scherrer said. “It is more hands-on.”


For sophomore Zane Pottratz, being in the department makes him learn life skills.


“I’ve been in the shop area for two years,” Pottratz said. “My favorite thing I built was a cabinet for my parents last year.”


Both Pottratz and Scherrer  like the idea of being in a classroom that doesn’t set boundaries on what students have to do.


“It lets me experience things that I wouldn’t have outside the classroom,” Scherrer said.


They get to choose what they want to build for their upcoming projects. Students have the option of building beds, tables and cabinets, just to name a few. Having this freedom allows them to build things for their own enjoyment or even as gifts for family members.


“I am building a Griz cut out for my brother for his birthday,” Scherrer said.