Drama doesn’t stop when summer starts

Loran Fairhurst, Staff Writer

During the school year, drama students tire themselves putting on show after show, but what do they do during the summer?


“Prepare the set for Homecoming and just organize, organize, organize,” drama instructor Chris Evans said.


Every year the CMR drama and stagecraft classes create the Homecoming set which oftentimes holds many more uses than just simply Homecoming. This year’s set was used in Stuff 4.0 as well as the Senior Celebration, just to name a few examples.


“We also have a spot at the fair to sell truck tickets,” Evans said.

The truck tickets have always been a great source of income for CMR drama/stagecraft.. Thespian, actress, and stage designer Bailey Collins also has plans for the summer when it comes to CMR drama/stagecraft.


“I’ve heard about doing the Shakespeare corner in the Farmers Market this year,” Collins said. “I know in years past we’ve also done a car wash by Ace Hardware.”


Both of these events will bring in a great amount of revenue and awareness to CMR drama/stagecraft, and allow the department to further place a foothold in people’s interest, even when they are not putting on a show during the semester.