Students anxiously await for summer classes

Sarah Ljunggren, Staff Writer

As school is coming to an end many students are preparing to spend their summer vacationing, camping, and doing other activities. For other students, summer means something completely different — more school work.


Junior Jessica Banks is ready and excited to start her summer work for her English 7-8 class.


“I am excited for it because I don’t want to take English next year cause I really don’t like English. So I’m excited just to kind of get a head start on that so I can have more free periods next year,” Banks said.


Having summer classes means lots of preparing and also being willing to sacrifice your time for the class.


Banks is preparing more than most students and has already started her summer work for her class.


“I’m going to be traveling this summer a little bit so by getting started now on some of my work than I can just get a head start,” she said.


Since English is the only year-long class that Banks will need next year, she will have the opportunity to graduate early because of her summer class.


One common reason for wanting a summer class is to have more chances to experience more classes.


Junior Hannah Flosi is looking forward to her Financial Tech summer class for this exact reason.  


She said she wanted to take summer classes because she wanted to take the EMT class next year.


“If I take financial tech over the summer then I will have many more opportunities,” Flosi said.


Flosi is also interested in taking government over the summer, but couldn’t because of not having enough time.
Summer classes are a gift for many students because they allow for many new and exciting opportunities during the school year. They just have to be willing to sacrifice some summer for those opportunities.