Students experience their first concert of the year

Zach Mell, Staff Writer

It’s time to open the curtains and shine the lights as CMR students prepare for their first shows of the year. It’s an extremely exciting time for freshman Ayla Cartwright who sang in the freshman choir.

“We sang ‘Do You Love Me,’ ‘Hallelujah,’ and ‘Sunshine on a Hill.”

Cartwright said she liked “Hallelujah” the mos because of its really good harmony and how they separated into parts. She says that music is a big part of her life, and singing is one of her passions.

“Music helps me feel better when I’m feeling down,” she said.

Like Cartwright, senior Wyatt Bleskin, a member of the Chanteur choir, performed in the concert Bleskin says he is a baritone in the choir and says that they sang “In Done Donna,” “Pole Ne Fasta,” and “The Stars I Shall Find.”

He says that the concert went pretty well and he was excited about it. Bleskin says that he likes music and that he enjoys singing.

“[I like] just how people are openly able to express [music].”