Student`s idea to build a computer turns into reality

Hayley Woodard, Staff Writer

When most people want a new a computer they buy one, but not junior John Chiki. Chiki, who is a gamer, wanted a computer he could game on so he set out to build one.

“It`s a computer I built myself from parts,” Chiki said.  

A computer doesn’t have just a few parts, either.

“It contains a 4590 15 quad processor on a MSI gaming motherboard. It has 16 gigabytes of ram and a six gigabyte windforce. 1060 graphics card, a 750 watt gold power supply,” Chiki explained.

After getting the idea to build a computer a year ago, Chiki said he began saving money to order parts. Once he had all the parts he needed he put them together.

“[It took] about one to two hours,” he said.  

The computer will allow Chiki to do what he set out to build it for — gaming.

“[It allows me] to play high level video video games, high level as in hard for the computer to process. And pretty much anything else I want to do.”