Maryah Schrock excels and loves the art of music


Loran Fairhurst, Staff Writer

Senior Maryah Schrock spends her free time doing what she loves, playing any and all kinds of music on an assembly of instruments she knows. Proficient with a bassoon, acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, and her voice, she has honed her craft to a fine point.

“Music is the only activity that stimulates the left and right side of the brain. It’s math that is both creative and expressive. You have to do quick division to keep a beat and stay in time,” she said

Aside from music being the branch between both sides of one’s brain, Schrock also feels that the structure and foundation of musical (and really all creative arts classes) are just right.

“As long as deadlines are reasonable, it’s OK. More often we’re graded on effort; choir has participation points,” she said.

Schrock loves music, and is such a musical nut, that she is doing all that she can to learn as much as possible about music. By second semester, she will be taking three musical classes: Chanteur choir, Symphonic Band, and Rustler Band.

“I like music,” Schrock says simply.