Media center specialist creates fun ways to get students reading


Isaiah Vang and Amanda Cornwall, Website Editor and Staff Writer

You wouldn’t judge a book by its cover, would you? How about judging it by its first line?


Alicia Carr, a media center specialist, decided to wrap a few books up in paper, effectively hiding their covers, and printed the first line of the book in order to grab people’s attention and to spark an interest in reading them.


“[It was] just an idea I got from Pinterest,” she said.


The goal behind the idea is to get people to check the books out and get CMR students reading. The books are wrapped in red paper as an homage to February and Valentine’s Day, as well as to give that hint of mystery people always seem to be looking for.


Carr said she was really surprised by the outcome and about the number of students who really took fond of this idea and checked them out.


“About 10 of those [books] got checked out,” Carr said.


Carr was excited and happy with all the progress that these books have been receiving and is already planning on the theme for next month. She said she’s been playing around with the ideas of March Madness and Women’s History Month.