Agostinelli switches from engineering to teaching


Photo by Sarah Adams

When it comes to teaching, most teachers know that it is what they are going to do from a young age, but Joe Agostinelli took a detour before he landed at Charles M. Russell High School.  

“I set myself up nicely after high school to go into the engineering program in Bozeman, Montana,” Agostinelli said.

Agostinelli was in the program at Montana State University for about a year and a half before he decided to change his major. When he first started he was understanding everything and was getting 100 percent on all of his quizes, but soon started to get lower grades.

His teacher wasn’t helping as much as he would have liked, and he needed someone that would do that for him. That’s what made him the teacher he is today.

“ I will always help students when they need help,” Agostinelli said.

Becoming a math teacher isn’t the easiest job in the world because pretty much nobody enjoys going to math class. Agostinelli says he loves teaching math because that is what he is good at, and although he teaches multiple different math classes he has one that is his favorite.

“Algebra one is my favorite class to teach because I know the curriculum the best,” Agostinelli said.

Even though Agostinelli didn’t originally plan on being a math teacher it landed him a great job in directing students into the right direction.