Yearbook EIC Ashley Seibel leads the Russellog team


Seniors Ashley Seibel and Savannah Fischer show off their twin day outfits on Oct. 4. Seibel is the yearbook Editor in Chief.

Maddie Paul, Intro to Journalism

Senior Ashley Seibel found a home and a family in an unexpected place.

“My sophomore year I walked in, and [Room 326] was a really crazy environment, and I was really shy back then, but it ended up becoming a second home to me,” Seibel said.

Seibel never expected to be in Russellog when she started high school, but her freshman English teacher told her that she would be a good fit. She was also inspired by a past editor in chief, JJ Mitchell.

“When I was in middle school I really wanted to be in yearbook, but never got into it,” she said.

Seibel said that being editor in chief of the yearbook as a senior has a fair share of differences from being a business manager the previous year.

“I wasn’t connected to anything, but this year I’m connected to everything, ” she said. “I kinda keep everyone together. I get people’s questions answered, and I have to help everyone.”

She said she had learned quite a bit from being editor in chief, such as skills like leadership, design, how not to be shy, and to open up more.

“Being the editor in chief has made me want to become a teacher,” she said.

Seibel said although she enjoys being the chief most days, there are some difficulties that come along with the job.

“The hardest thing is when we’re doing late nights and someone’s page isn’t put together at all,” she said.

Seibel admitted that yearbook is a lot of fun. Every year yearbook takes a trip somewhere, and last year it was to Silverwood.

“We all really connected and bonded,” she said.

Although Seibel never planned to join yearbook in high school, she said she was very glad she took the advice from her freshman English teacher and did.

“Everyone on staff is like family,” Seibel said.