A turn of careers that led AP Saldano to CMR

Sophie Kluge , Staff Writer

Paul Soldano has been an associate principal at C. M. Russell High School for three years, but his educational career didn’t start out that way.

“I started my career at Cut Bank then worked at Helena for four years,” Soldano said, adding that he was a math teacher at both places.

Soldano has worked in the Great Falls Public School System since 2009. He was a math teacher at Great Falls High School for a while and then continued his career at North Middle School for one year. There, he earned his administration certificate, and that is when his career path changed.

“A job opened up here and I applied for it and I was lucky enough to get it,” Soldano said. He has worked at all types of schools, but there is one thing makes CMR stand out to him.

“I just love the traditions at CMR,” Soldano said. Although he spends a lot of time with high schoolers, he has two kids at home that he loves to hang out with when he isn’t working.

Saldano said sometimes being an AP can be a difficult job, but he has found that he gained something out of it.

“There is almost always more to the story,” Soldano said. Whether the student is getting in trouble or not, he knows that there are always things going on behind the scenes.

“There’s a story, whatever it might be,” Soldano said.