Meet the editors of the Stampede

JJ Slater , Staff Writer

Senior Mackenzie George is the go-to girl for the Stampede newspaper.

She has contributed to the publication of the paper each month since she was a sophomore. Being the editor in chief for two years has supplied her with lots of experience and many expectations for the staff writers.

Each staff member needs to be diligent and word hard on their pieces, George said. Her favorite issue in the three years of being part of the Stampede was winter of 2016.

“It had incredible photos, a solid layout and writing,” George said.

As an editor of the Stampede, senior Emily Cappis’s goals are to define her writing skills and to help introduce the world of newspaper to the newbies.

According to Cappis, being an editor isn’t an easy job. She edits the pages and brainstorms story ideas.

“[ I am ] here to help those who have questions,” Cappis said. She explains that she has plenty of experience in the journalism department. She took the Introduction to Journalism class and followed it with three years on the Stampede staff.