Dube finds meaning in her artwork

Gabrielle Pope, Online Editor

About four years ago, junior Ally Dube discovered her passion for art and her interest in it has grown ever since.

“Freshman year I started taking art more seriously,” she said. Art has always been something Dube has appreciated, but it didn’t have much meaning to her until she started making the art herself.

Dube is enrolled in AP art this year. She said that now art has more meaning to her because in previous years she just did whatever assignment the art teacher had planned, but now she can be more expressive in her paintings. She prefers acrylic paint over any other media.

“I like how you can express yourself through paint,” she said.

Dube has no intention of pursuing this knack as a career, but coming from a family that is not made out of those who have a passion for art as she does, she has come a long way.

Dube says that everyone has their own ideas and plans for what they want their art to portray and whether you know what that is or not, you have to respect the piece. She said you can’t simply judge whether it is bad or good.