Spanish teacher looks forward to a busy retirement


Photo by Quinn Soltesz

Sara Buley holds up her “It’s all about the vote” pin. Buley believes strongly in voting in each election, and she urges her students to do this important civic duty.

Next year at CMR will be one filled with many new faces and the loss of a few familiar ones.  Sara Buley is one of a few teachers retiring after the 2017-18 school year.

“I’m going to miss the students. I really am,” Buley said, considering what she will miss the most during her years of retirement.

She said she had drawers filled with thank-you notes and letters from students of years past.  

“I’ve had to fill out remembrances…it has brought me to tears,” she said.

Buley added that she will miss the connections she forms with her students.  She said she learned a lot about their lives and their world by interacting each day with them.

“You guys help me see what’s new and what’s hip and hot these days,” she said.

As for Buley’s plans after retirement, she has no shortage of options.

She has traveled far and wide throughout her life already, and she plans to continue this hobby during her retirement.

She mentioned that she is an avid hiker and enjoys supporting political campaigns.   

Buley said that she is part of a group called Girls In Glacier (GIG) and they have many summer hiking and camping trips this summer.

“I’ve been to Europe four times,” she said. Buley added that she has been to Peru and Bolivia and that she would like to go to Oaxaca, Mexico in the near future.

And while these adventures are on her list for retirement, her daughter’s July wedding will keep her busy for the foreseeable future.