A look into the future

Holly Spragg, Online editor

For most students, the future and what it holds is a mystery.  For junior Riley Mikolaj, the image of her future is in clear view. Mikolaj looks forward to her senior year of high school because it is the gateway to the rest of her life.

“[I am] going to be able to travel more,” she said about what she hopes the time ahead holds.  Mikolaj hopes to visit the West Coast as she has mostly traveled to the East Coast to visit family.

Not only does Mikolaj hope to see more of the world, but she also wishes to help kids throughout her life.  She takes care of her three younger siblings who currently live with her.

“[I’ve been] looking into programs [to help kids], but there isn’t much I can find,” she said.  She has also looked into the military but couldn’t find a lot that fit her desires.

Her interest in helping little kids is not something that doesn’t have a story. Mikolaj has wanted to help children ever since her younger sister was born.

“When my sister was born, I just got so excited,” she said. “I just wanted to be like my mom and take care of her all the time.”

Mikolaj said she likes helping little kids and takes care of her siblings the best she can.

“I like little kids, even though they can be annoying sometimes.”