Contreras set to debut his play in the spring


Maggie Petersen, Staff Writer

America’s second space race has made its way to CMR High School. Senior Malcolm Contreras, President of the Theatre Club and enthusiastic Thespian, has taken his passion to another level. Contreras recently wrote a play that will be performed in CMR’s theatre.

“It’s about space and there’s a lot of death,” he said.

Auditions recently took place and T-shirts are already being designed. Many can’t help but wonder what is in this student-written play.

“The plot of the play is the second space race, and America has decided to be the first ones to build a solitary base on Mars,” Contreras said.

From writer to idea processor, he is also cast as a small role in the play.

Students can expect to see it performed seven periods a day, similar to the style of last year’s production, “The Sad, Sad Tale of Emily Bird”, another student-written play.

“So Mary Brown wrote the play last year and I was like ‘OK, I’ll do it.’ So I was like ‘yo, I’m writing next year’s,” Contreras said.

The play, “ Laika,” has yet to have a premiere date but is currently in production.