Pandis-Sutton is being proactive and planning ahead

Hannah Pospisil and Jayla Mitchell

Walking into Christi Virts’ classroom is like jumping into a box of sunshine. With kids lightly crowding the small space, each person entering the room is greeted with a warm welcome and smile.

After taking Intro to Health Occupation his sophomore year and Honors Human Biology this year in this wonderful environment, junior Taylor Pandis-Sutton is planning to take what he has learned from Virts and apply it to his future occupation.

“I want to be a doctor or [general] surgeon when I’m older, so this is a good class to take for that,” he said.

In Honors Human Biology, “we learn a lot about stuff like bones and the different systems of the body,” Pandis-Sutton said.

Because the class is hands-on and Virts is a “great teacher” and “really funny”,’ Pandis-Sutton said he really enjoys the class and believes it is extremely beneficial and will help him later on in life.