Linder looking forward to camp job

Rebecca Cochran, Introduction to Journalism student

Nichole Linder, a 2019 graduate, never realized how five summers could change her life.  This summer, Linder will be head counselor where she went to camp when she was a young kid.

“I remember the camp being were you were doing something all the time,” Linder said.  

Linder will be working for the City of Great Falls Camp, where she will be head counselor of the Explorers, consisting of fifth and sixth graders.  

Linder decided to be a counselor because of her past counselors.

 “I remember all my camp counselors’ names” Linder said. “And they still remember me.”  Linder wanted to be a role model for kids just like her past counselors were.

Linder is most looking forward to hiking camps.

 “A whole week of hiking in the mountains” she said.  They will be hiking to Memorial Falls, Sluice Boxes, and Hidden Lake.

The camp runs from Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.  The location for kids’ activities will range from Great Falls to all around the state of Montana.