Summer travelers

Mylah Robey, Introduction to Journalism student

Traveling isn’t always for vacation, but also for worries and heart breaks, they are also memory makers.

     Braelynn Lovec, a 14-year old freshman at C.M Russell, has been traveling every summer since third grade. She sits the painful ride with her older sister Makayla Lovec (driving), and her twin

Brother Landon Lovec, just to arrive to her mom’s house in Baker, a small town that’s three hours away. 

     Living in Great Falls, Lovec doesn’t get very many chances to see her mom and friends till the summertime. She goes every chance she gets during the year, sometimes on Christmas or Easter.

“I very much enjoy going to Baker to see my family and friends,” Lovec said. “Although I don’t do much activities, it’s still worth it to be with everyone there.”

     Sometimes they go camping, making their best memories. Or sometimes they like to spend nights watching movies, or sitting outside by the bonfire. It is always worth traveling for. Not only do they travel to Baker but they go to North Dakota to visit their beloved grandmother.

     Summer is for vacation and fun, but sometimes she works a short summer job, either with her mom or at the “shooting place”. She will always makes time for herself, friends and family.

     Daniel Reardon 10th,

Traveling isn’t always for vacation, but sometimes heart breaks and worries. “I traveled to Texas for my grandpa who had a severe heart problem. Then I moved to Washington to live with my other grandparents, and this was in a year.”

Reardon said he traveled back to Great Falls on his own to start school again and to visit his friends. He now lives with his friend Sonny.