Summertime relaxation done the Davis way

Jackson Howell, Staff writer

Jon Davis is the head of the C. M. Russell High School science department, and this year has been one wild ride.

“This year was particularly stressful. We had a new curriculum to teach,” Davis said. The new biology curriculum this year presented him with multitudes of interesting challenges to deal with, but he is now ready to unwind and relax.

“I’d live in the mountains if I could,” Davis said. One of his favorite things to do with the family during the summer is to go up to their cabin in the mountains and do all kinds of outdoor activities. His brand new puppy surely loves it.

“She’s a good pup,” he said. The new Davis family Golden Retriever named Pearl apparently enjoys the mountains just as much as the rest of the family, swimming in ponds, running around, and having a good time with the kids.

“My oldest, Turner, just learned how to fly-fish,” he said. His sons love to go fishing with their dad, and fly-fishing is one of his favorite activities. He said that he isn’t ever really sitting down up at the cabin. From chopping wood to being out on a tractor or four-wheeler, to playing with the kids, there is never a dull moment for Davis.

“Fishing in general,” he said, “is just great.” Davis spoke of his love for fishing and how a lot of the time spent up at the cabin is doing just that. Other than fishing, Davis said he stays busy at home with yard work and home improvement projects. He also mentioned a possible trip to the Calgary zoo or Silverwood for his children.