Teacher excited to recover from the school year

Grace Carr, Editor in Cheif

While teens are bouncing up and down in their seats waiting for the final bells of the school year to ring, teachers are waiting for the summer to start just as patiently.

World history teacher Jolyn Johnson is one of the hard-working teachers at C. M. Russell High School who is excited to take a break from the hectic year.

“I have no time to myself,” Johnson said. “Every day there’s something occupying my time.”

Johnson teaches freshman history while also coaching for the CMR track and field team. Balancing work and time with her son, Jock, can be difficult.

“[I’m excited] for being home with my little guy,” she said. She plans on giving both herself and her son time to be with their friends on playdates throughout the summer.

Most of Johnson’s break will be spent at home with the exception of an occasional camping trip or running with the cross-country team in preparation for the fall season.

“Sometimes it’s good to be a hermit,” she said. “I’ll pretty much be recovering from the school year.”

Johnson also hopes to read more over the summer. She’s already completed one novel from her stack of books at home and is starting “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin.

Sometimes, even the teachers need a break from school just as much as the students.