Sundly continues to have a strong passion about lifelong hobby


Logan Corn, Introduction to Journalism student

For biology teacher Christine Sundly a cool way to connect with her mother and sister turned into a lifelong hobby.
“When I was six or seven my mom would always sew. I had a younger sister as well and we sewed pillow cases like you would not believe. That was a good place to start because it was just straight stitches. We would also play with barbies so my sister and I would also make clothes for them,” Sundly said.
She also mention how she grew up on in a small home in Minnesota so other than sew and play house and whatnot with her sister Martha there wasn’t a whole lot to do.
Now that she has grown up and has kids of her own she still loves to sew all the time and even has her own craftsroom for it.
“My son does not do much crafting unless you count video games as crafting. My daughter does some, but as the years have gone by it becomes more and more expensive to sew,” Sundly said.
She says that when her kids were younger she made some clothes for them, but even when they were growing up it was cheeper to just by clothes.
Sundly also sells her work on a site called “etsy” which only sells homemade projects. Other than that though she is also going to be participating in the “Art on the Levee”, arts and crafts show.
“[It’s at the] end of June. I don’t know [exactly] how many table runners I have, but I have about 80 table runers I’ll try to sell. [I’ll also try to sell about] 40 mug rugs, 15 candle holders, and 15 wine bags [which can also be used as gift bags],” she said.
Sundly also mentioned some very good lifelong advice about hobbies and jobs in general. She said to find something that you enjoy doing. If you don’t like it then find something else. Same with your job. She said if you go to college and get a degree, and then you don’t like the job then go find something else. The most important thing is that you find something you