Reeves to attend Great Falls College MSU


Amelia Schuler, Russellog Staff

Senior Kolby Reeves will miss high school and all that comes with it. 

”My favorite classes are weight training, percussion, advanced PE, and I love English,” he said. 

The teachers had a big impact on Reeves’ choices of the classes he took.

“The teachers are amazing,” he added. 

Reeves is unsure of what profession he wants to pursue, but to keep him on track he will be taking readiness classes at Great Falls College MSU. Reeves is very excited for his future and being able to extend his academic career.

He tries to make the most out of his life and is excited for his life after high school and all that it entails. 

“I’m excited to go to Vegas when I’m 21,” he said.

Reeves had a great high school experience and would like to give a word of advice to the underclassmen. 

“Just be yourself and do what you guys were made to do.”