Squirrel reminisces on two years at CMR

Squirrel reminisces on two years at CMR

Photo by Beth Britton

Victoria Geiger, Russellog Staff

Senior Jada Squirrel moved to CMR her junior year of high school. It was a big change for her, but she found the right people and ended up making endless memories in Montana. 

“My favorite year of high school was my junior year. I made a lot of new friends and had many new opportunities,” she said.

Moving to a new school in the middle of high school is always hard, but Squirrel still made the best of everything and focused on her work ethic. Even though she attended CMR for just two years, she has learned many life lessons and built longlasting memories.

“Upperclassmen should focus on their work now because you can always have time to do fun things in the future,” she said. 

One thing that Squirrel is going to take away from her experience is all the amazing people she met and the friendships she built. She is attending Arizona State University and plans on majoring in kinesiology. Squirrel shares what she learned in her four years of high school. 

“I stay motivated by thinking about all the other tasks I can accomplish if I finish the one I’m working on,” she said.

People think you have all the time in the world, but in the blink of an eye you’re graduating high school and planning your future. 

“I see myself having a successful job as a physical therapist in five to 10 years,” she said. 

Squirrel says her last goodbyes May 24 as she graduates from CMR as a member of the Class of 2021.