With a life ahead, Cadence Propios looks on the past


Nylie Wilson, Russellog Staff

Cadence Propios has had an eventful high school experience, from cheering on the football team or being a leader in student government. Propios was a Rustler for all four of her years of high school, and she said almost every second of it was filled with excitement. 

A prime example is her junior year when one of her fellow classmates embraced the theme in the student section by wearing a speedo, just long enough to be kicked out of the game. At CMR, Propios stayed involved in a plethora of ways. 

Playing softball or taking part in student government were just some of the things she did to stay involved

“I’ve met some of my closest friends while participating in those things,” Propios said. “They’ve also provided me with lots of opportunities to give back to my community.”


 Sometimes it’s not only the memories that count, it’s the place where it all happens. Propios explains that the Thunder Dome is her favorite place on campus. 


“All the volleyball and basketball games, pep assemblies, and senior celebrations I’ve gotten to watch are some of my favorite high school memories,” she said.


 A piece of advice that Propios would give to all the underclassmen would be “… to get involved in as many things as they can. Your time as a Rustler goes by too fast. Make memories and friends that will extend past CMR.”