Advice from older brother changes life


Isabelle Weidmann, Stampede Reporter

Boys at the age of 16 usually spend their time playing video games in darkened rooms or on their school’s football field but in Pottratz’s life it’s all about music.

Pottratz, a junior, is one of the talented musicians who plays at C.M. Russell High School. He listens to pop in his free time and plays the traditional songs in his classes.

The decisive factor which made brought him into music was his 21 year old brother who also attended in band classes during his high school career.

“[I started] mostly because I wanted to see how it was like. My brother told me how much fun band gets when you get up in grade. He really inspired me to get better because when you are better the more fun it is to play,” Pottratz said.

Starting with playing the clarinet in fifth grade and switching to bass clarinet in sixth grade Pottratz says, that he has a lot of experience.

Today he is in Symphonic, Pep and Marching Band playing the bassoon, saxophone, and the bass clarinet.

The hard work and time consuming hobby are worthwhile for Pottratz, because he wants to make it to a career.

“I want to minor in music and major in a journalism field but I’m not sure which one yet,” Pottratz said.