Local student uses life lessons to choose a career path


Beth Britton, Stampede Advisor

Anger – or the methods used to control it – have led one Rustler junior down a career path.


In her 17 years, junior Amber Challender has learned how to control her anger and channel it in a positive direction.


“I have a lot of self-control, and that’s hard for teenagers to have,” Challender said. “I got it from having to bite my tongue a lot.”


Challender, who has lived in Great Falls since the age of 11, admits that it was her rocky relationship with her stepfather — and her other life experiences — that prompted her to consider a career as a psychologist or social worker.


“I learned to control my anger,” she said. “We get along a lot better. He saw how hard I was trying to be better, and now we’re actually really close.”


Learning about human behavior and gaining insight into the human mind are Challender’s goals.


“I’m attracted to people who can learn a lot from me and who I can learn from,” she said. “Helping others deal with their problems is rewarding and helping me learn at the same time.”


Befriending students at CMR – those who perhaps do not have a lot of real friends – is something Challender said is a priority.


“I’m on the sidelines if they need my help.”