Sophomore finds future in features


Kaitlyn Mosely, Stampede Reporter

Signing up for yearbook, Whisper Harris gets a chance of a lifetime.

“I got a letter and became part of this whole thing,” Harris said.

Harris, who is a sophomore at CMR High School, was just signing up for yearbook thinking it was a club. She received a letter from Ms. Britton, the yearbook and newspaper teacher, which said she should join them on staff.

“I knew what [a newspaper] was and yearbook was something that I didn’t really know,” Harris said.

Soon she started to write for the school newspaper, the Stampede. Harris really enjoys being on the Stampede staff. She looks forward to that one day each month when the paper is out for the public. She loves to see people in her school sitting down and reading what she wrote.

Harris enjoys how the Stampede tells stories, which she just so happens to like to write. She even likes to write short stories. The best part of the paper for Harris is to write down notes, the stories it tells, and making a great lead to grab the attention of the readers. She loves to make leads that make people say “wow.”

Harris just started the Stampede this year and she already knows she likes to write features for the paper. She likes to find that one perfect topic and learn about it. But her favorite part is that not only kids in her school get to read it, but people everywhere in Great Falls get to read it too. She loves that she has something published.

“I have something published! It just amazes me,” Harris said.