Music through the generations


Jennifer Verzuh, Entertainment/Features Editor

Some people inherit their parents’ eyes. Libby Carlson got her mother’s musicality.

Music plays an important part in Carlson’s life. She started publicly singing at the age of three and began taking piano lessons at seven, both of which her mother and sister also do.

“I think music brings people together,” she said. “You can express any feeling through music.”

 Carlson is currently a member of both Russell Ayres and Chanteur choirs, and she hopes to soon combine her passion for music with her love of drama.

“I want to go to U of M and major in musical theatre,” Carlson said.

  She said she likes how musicals use “music and entertainment to communicate deeper meaning.”

To help her prepare for studying at the college, Carlson has participated in many local musical productions and recently attended a musical theatre academy in Missoula.

“We met some television people, directors, and Broadway actors,” Carlson said. “”I learned a ton. Musical theatre and theatre is something everyone should try. It’s so fun.”